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Roof Cleaning in Kettletoft - Best Services & Costs

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Tired of living beneath a dirty roof that looks awful and brings down the value of your property? Want to spruce up your home prior to a sale? Roof cleaning Kettletoft provides expedient and comprehensive services at affordable prices. Need professional roof cleaners but sure how to find them? We can help you find the best cleaning services so that you can have that spotless, ideal roof.

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Basic Roof Cleaning Services

Having your roof cleaned is a relatively new service offered to home-owners who have a problem with bacterial and fungal infestations on their roofs. The most common problems are green and black algae, mosses, mildews, and moulds as well as other fauna. These create a problem for shingles and tiles and also attract birds which may result in unwanted nests and clogged gutters. Roof cleaning services include removing the algae, clearing gutters and inspecting for damage. Then Kettletoft roof cleaners will then recommend repairs if required.

Kettletoft roof cleaning services

What Causes Those Black Streaks?

Black streaks on a roof are the most common cause for concern. These often harbour a number of fungal and bacterial growths including common green and black algae. Fungal infestations can be extremely damaging. The layer of spores increases the heat and humidity on your roof which can warp shingles and damage roof materials. Fungi also feed on tar and limestone disturbing the roofing compounds responsible for UV protection. This can greatly reduce the longevity of your roof.

The Pressure Washing System

Although pressure washing has been a preferred method of roof cleaning for several years, this process can be more detrimental in the long run. Pressure washing should only be used for rinsing an already cleaned roof, never for the removal of fungi and algae itself. The high pressure jet of water can erode your roof, damaging shingles and tiles, while only spreading spores of algae and mildews resulting in a thicker, healthier regrowth. Pressure washing merely prunes without addressing the root of the problem.

pressure washing system
Kettletoft soft wash roof cleaning

Soft-wash Roof Cleaning

The better method of Kettletoft roof cleaning includes the use of low pressure water systems complete with sanitation chemicals to bleach and kill colonies of algae and fungi. The soft-wash method poses no risk of erosion and allows for a deeper permeation of chemicals so that the unwanted pests are not only removed once, but are also prevented from returning. Be sure to discuss different cleaning methods with the professionals as some roofing materials may not be able to withstand certain chemical washes.

Regular Professional Cleaning is Recommended

Although it may look like an easy task to clean a roof, it is in fact a specialized job that should be handled with care. Roofing contractors and companies have the correct equipment and high quality cleaning supplies to do the job correctly, while also ensuring that no damage occurs to your roof during the process. While it can be tempting to hire a pressure cleaner to do the job yourself, this is not recommended, as it can not only damage the surface of the roof; it can result in leaks appearing at a later stage as well.

regular professional cleaning

Cleaning Your Roof After a Storm

The weatherin Orkney Islands can be unpredictable at times, and things like high winds can leave debris trapped on your roof. While it’s recommended that you have your roof cleaned regularly by a professional, you should consider additional cleaning after significant weather events. This is especially true if your home is located under trees that may drop limbs, leaves, or other debris. If left uncleaned, it’s possible for pests and animals to build nests from this debris. Eventually, those pests may cause damage to the structure of your home.

cleaning and inspecting Kettletoft roofs

Cleaning and Inspection in One

Some roofing companies may offer a service in which they’ll inspect your roof for problems as they clean. This only makes sense; after all, they’re experts who are already on your roof. As they clean, they’ll make note of any potential problems, and you’ll have the option of having those problems repaired. Remember that it’s always best to resolve roofing issues early on to prevent potential disasters – such as major leaks – later down the line.

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The Dangers of DIY

DIY roof cleaning is strongly not recommended. Identifying the type of infestation and knowing how best to handle it takes years of experience and certified training. Working at extreme elevations can also put you in danger of personal injury should you fall from a ladder or roof top. Improper roof cleaning can cause significant damage to your roof and could end up costing you more in the long run. Why risk injury and unnecessary expenses with a DIY when the professionals are standing by, ready to clean your roof?

Kettletoft roof cleaning companies

Keeping Your Warranty Effective

A brand-new roof is quite the investment. In fact, it can cost you thousands of pounds to install a brand-new roof, depending on the materials you select and the size of your home. Most manufacturers will provide you with a warranty on the materials, but Kettletoft homeowners are often obligated to keep their roofs clean to keep their warranties effective. For example, if your roof starts leaking in the warranty period, the manufacturer may not cover any repairs or replacements unless you can show proof that you’ve had it cleaned regularly. Make sure to check the terms of your warranty, and contact a professional to schedule regular cleaning.

Your Kettletoft roof cleaning questions answered

The black streaks you see on your roof are actually algae growth. This build up can damage the tiles on your roof, as well as increasing cooling costs by holding large amounts of heat in your attic spaces.

You should not use a pressure washer on a roof. While it may get rid of the algae, it can also cause damage to the roof structure and tiles, which can lead to leaks and roof failure. Most cleaning services use environmentally friendly cleaning and low-pressure water hoses.

Using chemicals is not recommended on most roof surfaces, since they may cause damage to a number of surfaces. Mild detergent or degreaser is all you need to get rid of most stains on your roof.

Although it may look easy, cleaning a roof can be an extremely labour intensive and not to mention, risky task. If you suffer from any health conditions such as vertigo, high or low blood pressure or you are afraid of heights, you could injure yourself severely by attempting to clean your roof. Rather enlist the help of an expert.

The cost varies based on things like the size of your roof, its condition, and the last time since it’s been cleaned. The best way to determine the cost is to obtain quotes from multiple contractors.

Many of the roofing contractors in your local area specialize in the use of eco-friendly chemicals that can not only clean your roof, but also prevent the regrowth of algae, moss, mould, and mildew. Be sure to put this information in your request for a quote to be contacted by the right contractors.

No. The processes involved in cleaning your roof will depend primarily on the materials used in its construction. A rubber flat roof, for example, will need different cleaning techniques than a roof with asphalt shingles. Your contractor can go over the process with you in detail.

This will depend on how booked up the Orkney Islands roofing companies are at the time that you schedule an appointment with them. In most cases though, you will not have to wait longer than a few days for the job to be done.

The amount of time needed to clean your roof will vary according to the type of roofing material that has been used and the size of your roof. In some cases, it may not take longer than an hour or two, while larger areas may require half a day or a little longer to clean thoroughly.

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Sample Cleaning Requests

Black streaks or moss on your Kettletoft roof? You're not alone... take a look at just a few of the quote requests we receive daily here at Trusted Roofing! Our network of professionals can handle all jobs.

Date Summary Request
22 Oct Moss Removal I have a mid terraced house and a lot of moss on the roof. I would like the roof cleaned before I get new gutters etc along with exterior wall insulation in the new year.
22 Oct Glass Roof Have a glass roof attached to the house wall which is leaking - also needs a good clean. Roof area is about 4m x 2m and slopes. It has a velux type window for ventilation .
22 Oct Roof & Gutters I live in a semi detached house mine and my neighbour's roof have some moss etc around the chimney stack also along the ridge our gutters also need cleaning
22 Oct Marley Tiled Roof There is moss growing on my Marley tiled roof. Also black streaks on the south facing side. I believe it needs soft washing.
22 Oct Sloping Tiled Roof Will be very interested to receive a quotation to clean a lower sloping tiled roof which has a lot of moss on it and depending on the service provided and the end result may be interested in having the higher roof on the main part of the house cleaned... Many thanks.
21 Oct Soft Wash Needed Soft wash of roof of detached house. 2 storey section approx. 11m x 8m plan area plus single storey section approx. 9m x 7m plan area
21 Oct Dormer Bungalow I have a dormer bungalow with a tiled roof and I want the moss removed from. Most of the moss is situated round the back facing East. I'd like a quote please. Many thanks
21 Oct Porch & Main Roof A Quote for porch roof and main pitched roof to clean and remove moss of end of terrace house plus a quote to to remove and treat moss on extension roof at the rear of house
21 Oct Fungicidal Treatment Hi. I'd like a quote for our roof manually cleaned without a jet washer please. And coated in anti moss fungicide. Also to spot any potential repairs.
21 Oct Pine Needles & Moss Remove & dispose of pine needles and moss from 300m2 concrete tiled roof & treat with moss killer. No power washing (soft wash only).
Bird Mess & Lichen I would like a quotation to clean and remove bird stains / lichen / moss from my roof and then subsequently seal to actively prevent future growth / soiling. Detached house with excellent access to roof and parking. Built circa 2002
Moss Removal I live in a small semi-detatched bungalow that has moss mainly on 1 side of the roof. Can you please send me a quote as to how much it would cost to remove thanks.
Asbestos Roof I am looking my roof to be cleaned and to remove the moss that has grown. I have been informed I have an asbestos roof and therefore may require a certain type of wash. All quotes welcome
Farmhouse Property this is an old farmhouse property and the roof on one one half of the building is covered in unpleasant dark moss. I would not be confident walking on these tiles but want the moss removing and the guttering checked
Tenanted House The roof is a mess full of green and black moss. It looks unsightly and this moss continually falls off he roof to the surface below namely the pathways round my house. The house is let out but no tenants there at present; that will change by end of the month.
Unsightly Tiles Our new house has a lot of moss and green stuff on the tiles which looks unsightly. We would like to receive some quotes for the cleaning and removal of it, plus also advice on how to prevent it from coming back once cleaned.
Professional Cleaning The roof of our new cottage is covered in moss and other muck so we would like to see how much it would cost to have it cleaned professionally please.
Roof Preservation My roof has become worn, stained and covered with debris as a result of 2 heavy storms this season. I would like to have my roof clean to help preserve it and keep it in good shape longer. Please offer a quote for roof cleaning services.
Bird Droppings Our pitch roof has a lot of bird droppings and dark green and black marks all over it, and we would like it to look good again. Please give us a quote to send someone around to clean it professionally. Thank you.
Pitched Roof Following the recent season of heavy storms, I find that my roof is in need of serious cleaning. I have a 2 story house with an average pitch to the roof. Please provide me with a quote direct.
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